Welcome to the wonderful world of EVA foam!

  • TIME : 2016/3/15 14:26:09      AUTHOR : Tyler
  • What is EVA foam? EVA foam is characterized by good flexibility, high elasticity like rubber.Jump on in- ití»s soft and squishy!

    What can we do using EVA foam? So many, EVA craft, EVA toys, EVA hats, Cosplay, EVA flower and so on.EVA foam is a great, versatile material for making anything from costume clothing, armor, props, crafts, and all sorts of art projects. Ití»s relatively cheap and very easy to work with.

    Ití»s very easy to trace shapes onto it and cut them out with a regular pair of office scissors. For smaller, more detailed cuts you can use a hobby knife.  It can be glued with many different types of glue depending on your needs. I like using super glues for their instant drying time and strength. Also popular among foam crafters should learn how to heat forming craft foam,you can see :   mini tutorial

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